Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New quilt finished

Back again. Here is the quilt I mentioned in my last post.

The panel, top centre, was stitched by Chef-Tiger.

The back ground is a very dainty white on pink floral accent trimmed with a plain deep burguny

Now to get the address from Quilts for Breast Cancer and send it off to the recipient.

Next project is to finsh the EMS Babies (fundraiser quilt) for Angel Quilt Project Canada Divsion. Mmm should have taken a picture of it at this stage. Oh well next time.

Has anyone checked in to Chef-Tigers blog to see what she's up too.

She's having a contest to give away one of her new model sets. Why not join the fun and perhaps win yourself a lovely box, biscornu, needlecase and scissor fob from her new designs.

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