Thursday, January 7, 2010

All New for a New Year

Hi Folks,

Well I hope this will solve the problems. We have been unable to make contact with my blog for some time, so it has been decided to just scrap it and start a new one.

Christmas is over and a new year has started with a bang.

My oldest daughter, Tina, has been offer, and accepted a new job, which is especially good as she was very unhappy with the old one.

My second daughter, Lorrie, aka Chef-Tiger, has stuffed us all with her many wonderful treats ( Now to try to get the weight off again) and as usual is making us all dizzy with all the things she is doing. You can check on her activities at her blog.

My son is making plans to move back to New Brunswick in the summer.

My sister scared us the other day by having a mini stroke. She's doing fine and has come out of it fine.

Mom at 91 years old is still doing fine as she continues to live at her home on her own, just up the hill from me so I can keep an eye on her.

I've started a new quilt for me fourth Great-grandchild, a 2 year old boy named Damien. I'll try to post pictures as it progresses.

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